5 September 2007

TOOVS goes on TOUR!

Next month we will start with our TOUR though southern Europe and northern Africa! This is what Toovs is made for after all. A tool for people who want to travel and find great things to do on their way. During our tour we hope to discover unique things which we will place on the treasure map of Toovs. Here you can find our latest Toovs. If you have any suggestions of great things we shouldn't miss. Place a Toov!

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23 June 2007

Article about TOOVS in NHD

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29 May 2007


Every marketing strategy is a well-considered balance between give and take. You get something from me and I want something back from you. Nowadays the initiatives to achieve this barter are coming from the most innovative and unexpected angles. Here is the idea behind the Toovs strategy - Sympateasing.
With sympateasing the user receives plain information about a subject. He may then unconsciously store this information associated to the subject. Even brand names get stored in this way, basically creating an advertisement.
The ultimate example is wikipedia. Presume I never heard of Youtube and I search in the encyclopedia (an information source pur sang) for information about video sharing. From now on Youtube will be forever associated with video sharing because the article does so. An article concerning mountain bikes finishes with a list of manufacturers whereupon in my case the mark Cannondale became symbol for the interesting article about mountain bikes. Click, Sympateasing.
Thus for one a Toov can be an article and for other one an advertisement. The essential main point is quality content. Give and possibly take.
If the strategy will work for Toovs? We will see…

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20 May 2007

Search TOOVS by username

From now on the search field can be used to find TOOVS from a specific user. The name of the user is interpreted as a tag.

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16 May 2007

We have had visitors.

The Google army robots marched by! All of the pages were indexed and the small robots even managed to find each and every little comment. So you could say that we exist on the Internet from now on. If Google says so. Fun to see that the word TOOVS has transformed from a non existing word into a existing word with actual search results. But still Google keeps arguing and asks me; Did you mean ‘Tools’?

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